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Testimonies of Peaceful Births 

"My experience with Tonia Davis was amazing! She was extremely caring and patient, especially when I thought I wasn't going to be able to give birth naturally! She spoke words of encouragement and was very tuned in to what I needed and made me feel comfortable. She also was able to give me great tips after I went home with my baby boy! I would definitely use her again for all of my future births! She is extremely dedicated and passionate about what she does!"                              Danaria

“Tonia was amazing. She was extremely helpful in ensuring my birth experience was much better than my first. Her kin and caring personality made the experience and environment a good experience.“


"I am so grateful for Tonia and all she has done for my girlfriend and I. She provides comfort and suggestions that helped us achieve a scary, but helpful birth of 20 hours. She kept lifting and encouraging us all while our daughter was in the NICU. We didn't feel pushed or preferred in a situation, letting it all be up to us."


“Tonia was absolutely irreplaceable, and I credit her for how quickly and less traumatic my non-medicated labor was. I could not have done it without her. She is absolutely!!!”                         


Our experience with Tonia was an amazing experience, she stuck with us through the entire labor. She motivated my husband and I and helped us be calm. With this being our first child, there was of course a lot of concerns. One of the major concerns was how the entire birth would go , I read a lot of horror stories. Tonia was able to comfort us and ensure that everything would be ok. Her presence gave us the confidence that we really needed. The most challenging part of the labor was managing who would be in the room doing the birth of our daughter. There was some conflict between who would be in the room, one being that some of our family members couldn't understand why we needed a doula. Through the stress in the delivery room Tonia showed amazing patience and helped us remain calm about the situation, her patience over matched the stressful situation that we dealt with in the delivery room. We were really grateful to have Tonia Davis as our doula and we will have her for our next child.

                                                                        Kali Coe

"Having Tonia Davis as my doula was great because she provided a calm encouraging environment for my family and I. Knowing I had her by my side helped eliminate fear for the father and myself therefore decreased my pain level. She was so helpful constantly reminding me that every time I had a contraction to breath. And what I was experiencing was normal, and actually a good thing for them to be getting worse. My overall experience was amazing I would definitely recommend her to every expecting mother I know."


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